Official Statement on the usage of AI

Recently, a viewer brought to our attention that a DesiQuest promotion went out publicly utilizing AI art that we had made in August 2022. We are extremely sorry this happened. We have immediately removed the image from circulation. We would like to thank this viewer for raising issues that are mutually important to us and agree wholeheartedly with their sentiment, and are on the same side of the issue.

We made a mistake, we know better than this now than we did when these items were created. We understand that AI art doesn’t fairly attribute the works that it ingests to generate its prompt based images. And it’s become an existential threat to visual artists. We are on the side of, and stand in solidarity with all artists, and haven’t and won’t make any further use of the assets.

Since being graciously funded by our fans, we have been working with an incredible crew of talented human artists, illustrators, and graphic designers. We believe that their work will make all in our backer community proud.

Furthermore, we are reviewing, and will be updating our moderation policies in our Discord where we were initially alerted of the issue. We would never want anyone to feel silenced. Our Kickstarter & Patreon backers and community mean the absolute world to us, and we want our virtual community spaces to feel warm & welcoming, and always up for a respectful conversation. We will endeavor to be better, every day, and look forward to sharing our show with the world.